Preventive Initiatives To Check Crime/Terrorist Attacks In Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Police has taken the following anti-terrorist measures to combat terrorism:
Eyes and Ears Scheme under coastal watch scheme

Lakshadweep Police has launched a scheme ‘Fishermen As Eyes and Ears of the Police’ with special emphasis to sensitize all the stake holders to keep a watch and look for suspicious persons and share the information with local police immediately. Regular meetings are held by all the officers to sensitize and motivate them.

Tenant verification

In order to detect any terrorist or any person with a dubious character taking shelter in Lakshadweep as a tenant/ visitor, Lakshadweep Police special branch carries out regular tenant verification. The owners of the house are required to inform local police whenever they keep a tenant.

Servants/ Labour verification

In order to detect any terrorist or dubious characters taking shelter as servants/labour in any house or establishment, citizens are briefed in meetings regularly to get them verified at the time of employing them.

Sound and Noise Pollution

Use of loud speakers, amplified music, bursting of crackers and beating of drums etc. is prohibited between 10.00 pm to 6.00 am